You Are A Woman

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

I realize one of the greatest gifts I have is being born a woman. We are unique beings that can command attention by walking into a room.

I love the fact that we can get pregnant; we have the opportunity to carry another human being inside of our bodies and then give birth. Amazing!

We can fake an orgasm; we are not afraid to ask for directions if lost, and we are great at multi-tasking.

Let's not forget we can wear skirts and heels and even get a new last name if we want.

COVID-19 has been challenging. The majority of caregivers, at home and in our communities, are women. Because we are on the front lines, we risk infections and loss of livelihood. We are real-life superheroes.

As a woman, I play a vital role in my family’s well being, so I need to ensure that my mental health is in good shape. I seek moments of solitude, so I can gather my thoughts and remind myself of my strengths. I also make some time to support other women by offering conversation or practicing patience when communicating with essential workers.

Women inspire me every day. A few celebrities wanted me to give you a message.

Maya Angelou said you're phenomenal and will always rise.

Destiny’s Child said you are a survivor and independent.

Madonna said to go ahead and express yourself.

Janelle Monae said you are a Queen.

Pat Benatar said you are strong.

Chaka Khan said, You are every woman.

Aretha Franklin said you deserve respect.

Alicia keys said, you are on fire.

Beyonce said we run the world.

I believe these women and so should you.

If you are not already saying these things when you look in the mirror, start today.

If you don't currently clap for other women, start now by sending this blog to some deserving women out there and let them know you are glad that they exist.

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