Taking a Break from Social Media

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

I found myself getting irritated and frustrated with some of the things happening around me; this pandemic has been tasking on the mind. I was slowly feeling a sense of loss and losing sight of my gains.

Being a part of the social media community wasn't helping. As I scrolled through the feed, I observed more and more of other people’s anxieties and claimed them as my own. I decided I needed a break, and it was time to log off.

I found the following things happened when I turned off all my social media;

On the first day, I kept looking at my phone for no reason, I was waiting for the notification. Eventually, I stopped doing this and felt the need to call people.

The first couple of days, my body felt tense, I was anxious, but soon I started feeling more relaxed. My shoulders and neck area started to feel less tense, and I slept better.

I did a lot of cleaning and fixing broken items around the house. I was less distracted and more focused.

I started to create excuses as to why I needed to log back on, but I kept the momentum going because I knew I was building my mental strength.

I wasn't in the right state of mind to be on social media; I felt down and wanted to scream at people based on my opinions of how life should be. Do you know when it's time for you to take a break?

Here is a list of things you can do if you are feeling down but want to stay connected to your social media.

1. Create a list of happy memories; you can store it in a box or your journal.

2. Create a contact list of people who will be a welcoming voice and allow you space to simply be. Call them.

3. Clean-up, cleaning can be very beneficial, not just because you will have a clean house, but it can also relieve emotional weight. Get rid of things that you don't need anymore, even if you have an emotional attachment to it. If you are reluctant to get rid of some things, take a picture of it, so you have a physical reminder.

4. Rearrange your space. Sometimes moving things around in your home gives it a new feel. You can identify things that you want or need. This can help you have clarity.

5. Write something. I wrote an eBook that I will share soon. Writing can be so therapeutic; you are in control of what you write.

6. Pray. Dedicate some time to connecting to your higher spirit.

7. Netflix. Find some good entertainment.

Eating a balanced meal and exercising has always been a staple for a healthy lifestyle, but I would like to add one more item, taking a break from social media and practicing the things on this list may also add value to your life and lead you towards a healthier lifestyle.

Don't be afraid to log off and take a break.

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