Saying Thank you to Life

Thank you Chadwick for your influence in the world. 

Social media responded to Chadwick Boseman's video before his death with memes and unkind comments that we're so terrible, that Chadwick later decided to get rid of the comments and delete the video.

If only we knew he was slowly dying, we would have responded differently.

We sometimes don't see the pain others are going through but all 3 images on this blog post belong to one person and that’s Chadwick. You are seeing different images of one man.

Think of your collage of your life, what does it look like? Are all your pictures perfect? Do you have some pictures you wish you can hide? Think of the people in your life right now. Is there someone you would be treating differently, If you knew they were dying? Would you treat yourself differently? How often do we, as a society, judge others? We judge people on their looks, capabilities, personal style, parenting style, hair, money etc. As I sit in the world of social media, I see how this structure can cause one to feel powerful because you are allowed to say things without people seeing your lips moving, you become God-like with a push of a button. We are sometimes posting and not considering the other person's feelings. What are we choosing to say? What are we using our voices for? Who are we choosing to be? What are we connecting to as human beings? I wasn't connected to Chadwick Boseman because of who he was, because I don't know him.  Just like all the other celebrities that died.  I was connected to the way I felt when Chadwick was on the screen. I was connected to the things I saw him doing for humankind and I am grateful that I witnessed all the good things he did. What are you connected to? How are your connections working in your life? These are powerful questions, don't answer it for me, but answer it for you. What a beautiful day!!! I opened my eyes, read some pages of a good book and wrote this blog for you.

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