Power moves to help you get through the Pandemic

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

In this climate of a pandemic, pay close attention to how you feel and the different shifts in your moods.

Even if you don't believe in the pandemic, you can't help but notice the people changing around you.

You may feel a sense of loss, stress, anxiety, or fear, so let's go into a quiet area of our home, close our eyes and breathe.

The most challenging thing you manage in every situation is yourself; here is a list of things that can help you gain control of your emotions during this time.

1. Set a schedule

Get up, get dressed, have that coffee, and make the list of things you are going to work on. That is self-management. It also helps you focus and stay productive. If you are currently unemployed, remember they are millions of people in the same boat.

2. Take care of yourself.

It could be cooking or reading or listening to music. I know some of you are front line workers such as doctors, nurses etc. You need to restore yourself quickly and intentionally, but YOU are number #1. Don't lose sight of that.

3. Listen but also share

How is it going? What are your concerns? What are you needing? These are great questions to ask yourself and the people around you.

4. Use technology wisely

Now is it not the time to hate technology, zoom zoom zoom is a great tool to use to talk to your family and friends. Be careful on social media, there are tons of people just sharing hate if you feel you are not in the right mindset, limit your interaction on social media.

5. Journaling

Ask yourself, What is my current emotional state? Am I experiencing discreet feelings and emotions? Can I name them? Writing your responses in a journal allows you to go back and revisit them.

6. Feel your emotions physically

Are you getting headaches, stomach pains or backaches? Be aware of sudden changes in your body. How do you handle these changes?

7. Pay attention to your emotions and behaviors, and see if you recognize patterns throughout the day.

I noticed that I struggled to get sleep, my bedtime was getting later and later, and I was becoming a little cranky. Because I write things down, I was able to see a pattern. I notice after eating late; I would struggle to sleep the most. Looking for patterns makes it easier to make adjustments.

8. Know who and what pushes your buttons.

Some people will say things and do things that annoy you. Know who and what causes you to feel anger or stress and avoid interacting with them. Allow negative energy to leave your space.

9. Practice self-restraint by listening first, pausing and then responding.

It's easy to blurt out what we believe to be the truth. This is a stressful period, practice restraint and pause before responding. Remember, not everyone will be your cup of tea People will say things that will offend you, allow them to leave but reacting to them is not always good.

10. Ask yourself, What is the worst thing that can happen? Consider the reality of the situation.

I assess all situations by asking this simple question. Sometimes we think we are experiencing the worse thing in our lives, but are we?

Spread love there is enough hate

Take care of yourself first

Be a friend to someone in need

Get adequate sleep and rest. Without it, even with the best intentions, it is too easy to react in a way that you regret.

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