Part one - Starting your journey to Self love

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

With 2021 right around the corner, it’s a great time to reflect on yourself and move forward.

Self-love is the most rewarding relationship you will have in your life.

The people in your life are not guaranteed to stay, but the chances of walking away from yourself is low.

Exploring your foundation will explain your relationship with love and the connection you have with different emotions.

Sometimes we hesitate to look at our family, and we focus our energy on the failed relationships in our lives. We are hard on ourselves, we assign blame, call ourselves names and eat all kinds of things slowly killing ourselves.

Our work experience is most likely the most talked-about in our lives because we create resumes and update it repeatedly. Imagine we took the same time and reviewed ourselves. We can evaluate our core beliefs and in turn lead a more fulfilling life.

Let's explore our connection to love.

When was the first time you experienced love? With who? How old were you? Answering these questions can help you understand your feelings. A part of the Habit Manipulation package at Summary of U Inc. includes creating a resume filled with your love experience.

Below is a sample of what a Love Resume would look like; you would start with the role the person played in your life, mention some of the things you did together and how the relationship made you feel.


  • She complimented me a lot.

  • We would hang out and walk together to school.

  • I would see her do many loving actions.

  • She would yell at me many times if I got things wrong.

  • She would not allow me to pick my clothes. I resented her at times for that.

Feelings: good, many happy moments,resentment


  • He drove a truck.

  • He was gone most of the time; I would see him on weekends or during the holiday.

  • He barely spoke to me; I would feel ignored.

  • He missed all my dance recitals.

Feelings: abandoned, confused, hurt, feeling rejected

Samantha (Sister)

  • We would enjoy each other’s company.

  • She would often tease me.

  • She was usually controlling.

  • I admire her, but I don’t trust her with my secrets.

Feelings: lack of trust, fun, feeling rejected

Jessica’s love resume; shows some patterns of emotions that may be follow her through life. Now that she is aware of them, if they pop in her life she can start to build a process on how she wants to deal with it.

Creating this resume is a great exercise to begin your journey towards self-love.

Check out the attached link to see part one on self-love.

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