Excuse me, it's my First Time

There are so many moments that we consider essential in our lives, but for some people, the first time we do anything is what we remember the most. As I lay in bed, I thought of the first time moments in my life, and I can't say the moments were all great; however, I seem to always walk away with a learning experience. I am the type that does not get it right the first time, but don't pity me yet because it's a part of my nature. I jump in the water before learning how to swim, and that works for me because it forces me to have to learn I have no choice at that point.

Why are the first moments so important? Why is it something we don't forget? Of course, I decided to do some digging and share in this blog.

When you are born, and for the first few years, a lot of what you do is developmental. You may not remember sucking on your mother's breast or taking your first step, but chances are your mother may remember those moments for you.

As we start to grow, our thoughts and emotions become personal to each of us, and that's because we have not done it before. Having an idea of what to do is essential and can make the first time of anything more comfortable, but going through the experience in "real" time is what will help you the most understand the event and give it purpose. In other words, your friend sharing their first moment with you will not give you the same feeling as experiencing it yourself.

First, times can have you feeling various things. You can feel emotional, stressed, worried, etc., that is a sign you are in good health. You grow from the experience.

I was looking at Erikson's Theory of social development and discovered a couple of things that seem to tie in with first time experiences.

Biologically most of us are the same. The differences we have are our culture, personality type and interpersonal relationships. If you grew up in an environment that was welcoming and warm, chances of you viewing the world, that way is high. Chances are your "first" moments will be something you would want to remember because it's exciting, memorable and enlightening.

When there is a lack of communication, or you experience fear of disappointing people or being reprimanded you view your "first" differently, you may be unclear or not willing to take risks, or fear embarrassment.

Before we are hard on ourselves about our "first" time or lack of "first" time, let's consider a few things.

Accept who you are, not just the things that are good about you but also your flaws.

Humour, be realistic, be comfortable laughing at yourself if necessary, especially if you mess up.

Flexibility, change is a vital part of life. Are you able to switch things up a bit? Embrace different points of view.

Remember, first time experience extends to the end of our lives, so get out there and create some "firsts." Remember as a Certified Life Coach I am here to walk you through the experience.

I am so glad you are here!!!!

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