Dealing with Pain

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

When we deal with our PAIN

We protect our children.

When we deal with our PAIN

We protect our spouse

When we deal with our PAIN

We protect our friends.

When we deal with our PAIN

We protect our well being

You can allow your pain to murder you, or you can face your pain with genuine self-reflection and self-compassion.

Don't hide behind religious words.

Don't hide behind elders.

Don't hide behind children.

Stand in your truth, accept what is as-is and propel your life forward.

There are many different approaches to dealing with unfortunate events in our lives. Most people will find what works for them naturally. We sometimes hide and pretend that issues don't exist, or we medicate until we become delusional or numb. I use the C.O.P.E method, which helps me to move towards a productive future. This may work for you but I suggest creating your own approach that is natural to you.


"C" – Choice, choose to stop masking your pain with medication or other substances. To heal, one needs to be sober so you can think clearly and start working towards building resilience. We all have the power within us to overcome most of the problems life throws our way.

"O" – Observe the things that are causing you the uncomfortable feelings, take some time and figure out how your pain came to you. What is causing it? Why is it prevalent in your life at this particular moment? Once you start to answer these questions, you will begin to find solutions in your response.

"P" – Permission, allow yourself to feel what you feel, don't suppress it. Permit yourself to connect with the pain so you can heal. Even though you may not be responsible for the pain, you are responsible for the healing.

"E" – Esteem, Hold yourself in high regard. Know that you deserve to be happy, this is not being selfish, but you are taking the time to be kind to yourself. Use some time to reflect and pray. You may have to use this step to rely on a higher spirit. Set your ego aside. Call on the spirit to assist you in your journey.

Remember, whatever you are experiencing is real in your mind, so it hurts, and it will linger around and start to grow and manifest itself into bigger more damaging things. Begin your process of dealing with your pain as soon as you can.

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